Frequent Questions

Once you review the published housing units, you can fill out the inquiry form and click on send to make the corresponding consultation and we will send you via email or whatsapp the confirmation of availability for your arrival date.
After verifying the availability of the room and / or department, we will send you all the necessary data to make the necessary bank transfer to make the reservation and once the information has been validated, the reservation of that unit will be registered in the system for the date of agreed arrival
A Front Desk UB representative or the owner of the housing unit will be present at the time of your arrival in order to provide you with the necessary information, the key to the unit and any additional documentation that may be required for your stay.
Your departure date or "Check out" must coincide with the contract completion date. For this a representative of Front Desk UB and / or the owner of the housing unit must be present in order to receive the keys, perform a general check and return the corresponding amount as a deposit.
In all cases, the included expenses are published in the file of each department, please check the expenses included in the selected department.
When you arrive at the housing unit, you will be provided with telephone numbers and contact information to which you can refer any difficulty. Normally, your contact in the city will be the owner of the department or representative of Front Desk UB, who will assist you during your stay
The cleaning service does not include changing and washing linen except when specified otherwise. If you need a frequency higher than the one included in the rent, you can request it at the time of your arrival to the owner so that the additional service required is managed. In those cases where cleaning service is not included, the possibility is usually offered that you may hire it as an option.
You will receive the unit clean, with bedding and a clean bathroom. You are expected to return the apartment in the same condition it was received, clean and comfortable, even when the apartment or room rented provided maid service. It is not necessary that you take care of the washing of the last set of sheets and towels used since it is understood that you will not have the material time to take care of it. Yes, it is expected that you will not return all the sheets and towels in the unit.
Normally the apartments and / or rooms have a towel and towel set for each guest and two sets of sheets for each existing bed in the unit. In this way, guests can have a spare game while the other is in the laundry.